Tennant and District Times
A bright way to enhance town’s security appearance

TENNANT Creek High School’s brilliant young street artists have created a stunning justice-themed street art design for the local legal aid office.

One of the first perceptions of visitors to the town is the bland security shutters on the main street – but this high school project has certainly made several spots in town much more vibrant.

Tennant Creek could become the new Melbourne! The Victorian capital city is a popular tourist attraction for photos and selfies with their street art featuring in alley ways and walls.

High School Principal Maisie Floyd said the group of students were mentored by Darwin artist Jordan Conrad, and since it began their confidence had grown with the positive response from the community.

“They have really taken ownership of this mural and have been stepping forward in other ways in the school – it has been great to see them grow and feel proud of what they do,” she said.

Legal Aid’s Kevin Banbury could not be happier with the results.

“There have been so many positive responses to the artwork,” he said.

“Tourists have stopped to get their photo in front of the artwork even before it was finished.

“The students’ theme of justice has many layers and layers of positive, respectful messages which came about as students bounced ideas off each other.

“It isn’t just about law and order – it’s about basic human rights and being able to get help when you need it.

“And it’s not just help with court, it can also be victim’s rights, a debt or a housing issue to name a few”

Mr Banbury from the local Legal Aid Office thanks all those involved in the creation of this artwork, especially to the young artists.