Tennant and District Times
Relief supermarket’s in-store specials return!

LOCAL shoppers can celebrate this week with the return of supermarket specials!

The relief supermarket at the BP Complex has expanded its range and are now offering in-store specials (see page 5).

IRAM chief executive officer John Kop said there was also a new dairy cool room and freezer being installed to help keep up with sales of chilled products.

“All supermarket pricing and specials at the temporary store apply at the BP service station, where people have 24-hour access to goods normally sold at convenience store prices,” Mr Kop said. 

“Based on feedback to our recent survey, we have reduced the price of roast chickens at the BP service station from $15 to $12, which is close to cost price. 

IRAM has been busy improving access and safety at the temporary store, as well as engaging a number of consultancies to redesign and redevelop the permanent IGA site. 

“Tennant Creek residents will see that we have been line marking in the carpark in front of the service station and installed prominent directional signage and zebra crossings from the front of the store to the carpark and between the temporary site and the BP,” said Mr Kop.

“Next week, Phillips Earthmoving will start work on resealing the rear carpark and walkway to the temporary store, which will take about two weeks. 

“Once that is finished, we will improve line marking and way-finding signage at the back.

“We were helped by Callan Kendall from Traffic Line Marking, who has coordinated both the line marking and training of traffic monitors.”

Behind the scenes, Mr Kop said, IRAM is working with the store’s owner, board, insurers, engineers, architects and other technical experts on rebuilding at the permanent IGA site as fast as possible. 

“As we get closer to moving back, we will seek community input on our range,” he said. 

“We thank all our staff and supporters for working with us through these challenging times.

In response to feedback in a recent survey, the store’s trading hours have been expanded from 8 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday and 8 to 5 on Saturday and Sundays. 

The Tennant Creek IGA, which is owned by Julalikari Aboriginal Corporation, was destroyed by fire on 12 July. 

The fire destroyed $866,000 worth of stock and $764,000 worth of plant and equipment, including the store’s server and IT system, chillers, refrigeration, butcher, weighing equipment, price tags, shelving and registers.