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Speedway welcomes new racer to the track

RACING retuned to Tennant Creek Speedway with a small but enthusiastic field of competitors.  

Two classes raced throughout the night, Street Stocks and Junior Sedans.  

In the Junior Sedans it was great to a new local competitor join the racing scene, Danyel Forge.  

Danyel, sponsored by Tennant Creek Auto Spares, was nervous to begin with but by the end of the third heat she had shaved five seconds off her lap time.  

After every heat and even the feature Danyel came in with the biggest grin on her face.  

It was evident Danyel had found a new passion in her life, racing.  

She was up against her close mate Jamie Jones.

With a bit more experience than Danyel, Jamie raced his Datsun like a boy on a mission. 

Jamie won all the heats  and the feature.

In Spectacular fashion he was given the chequered flag and entertained the crowd with a few doughies, even managing to tap the wall while doing this.

There is something about those Jones boys hitting walls after they win a race.  

In the Street Stocks, Jake Koivumaki from Katherine and Jayden Geizendanner from Alice Springs came to take on the Tennant Creek boys.

Colin Fry, from Tennant Creek Tyre Service, decided to mix things up a bit by lending his two cars to Jack Yates and Jayden Geizendanner.

Jack then let Lucas Fry race in his car.

With the younger lads testing their abilities in the new cars it was on for young and old from the get go.

Shaun Jones and Jamie Yates, the more veteran drivers, were not going to make it easier for the other young lads racing. 

In the heats it was Jake, Jayden and Shaun that showed dominance by taking out two heats each.

It was going to come down to the finals on who could last the distance. 

Alas, Lucas Fry was unable to start the feature race as he had car issues.

Jake Koivumaki started on pole position and took the lead early in the race.  

Followed closely by Shaun, Jayden, Jack and Jamie everyone was on their feet screaming for their favourite.   

In a bizarre twist though father and son Jack and Jamie Yates decided to say hello to the wall in the same place and lap, which took them both out of the race.

With the restart of the race Jake was still holding the lead.

With Jayden’s car starting to overheat it was up to Shaun Jones to challenge him.

What a challenge it was as well, the two Pov Packs With No Wraps putting on a show for all. 

Jake slipped up and lost control a bit which allowed Jonesy to take the lead and make Jake chase him down.

Jake was on his tail for several laps before he saw his opportunity to challenge Shaun for the lead when they had to pass a slower car.

Jake took the high line a split second before Shaun decided to do the same thing. 

Three car wide on the track, it was a tussle between them to see who could come round first. 

Jake got the advantage of that split second decision and took the lead from Shaun.

Shaun tried his hardest over the last couple of laps to get back at Jake but Jake wasn’t giving an inch and took out the chequered flag.  

For a small field in the finals it was definitely a race full of excitement. 

Overall it was a great night by all and we could not thank the locals that came out to support all the drivers.

To show support at our smaller meets is what keeps Speedway going.

Special mention to Jolene Koivumaki who did a superb job at commentating for us, even when she was cheering on her own son.

Thank you also to all the volunteers and sponsors, without you we would not be able to race. 

Big shout out to Tennant Creek Auto Spares for their additional sponsorship this meet, you are one of our biggest supporters and sponsors of motor racing in Tennant Creek.

If anyone wants to get involved we are looking for some more help in the tower and in the infield/pits.

If you want to get your child or yourself involved just talk to one of the committee.

See you all at our next meet on the 10 October 2020.