Tennant and District Times
Students hit the water to fine-tune canoe skills

TENNANT Creek Outdoor Education students hit the waters at Lake Mary Ann for their second canoeing session this year. 

The students practised paddling and steering skills, with an exceptional group of male students wanting to practice capsize drills, not once but three times during their paddling experience!

Lots of laughter and screaming could be heard during the morning session as the students discovered that the plants growing on the top of the water made great soft balls to throw at each other. 

Some extra splashing with the paddles, cooled everyone down under the mid-morning heat.

The students are planning their next canoe camp to Longreach Waterhole in Elliott, where they will use the skills they have learned to teach younger students from the local school.

Thank you to Anyinginyi Sports and Recreation for supplying all the canoes and kayaks and giving the students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge of canoeing.